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Listing ID: 3158246

Turnkey Profitable Online Business For Sale

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

CA$ 14,500

Revenue: CA$ 15,000

Cash Flow: CA$ 15,000

Business Description

This is a true work from home business opportunity that is fully operational with real clients!

About the business:

The business was started on social media as a free resource for authors and readers in 2017.

In January 2018, after building a large following on social media I registered a domain name and a trade name under my existing corporation and started a blog where I charged for book promotion services. Since then the business has continued to increase in revenue (with average monthly sales revenue up 214% from 2018 to 2019) along with continued grow on social media.

Average Monthly Gross Revenue for 2018 / 2019:
- 2018 - $560 / per month
- 2019 - $1200 / per month

Monthly operating costs:
- $6 per month web-hosting (subject to change by the hosting provider)
- $5 per month for a business chequing account as I take payments under a trade name and not my personal name (subject to change by financial institution i.e. Your bank)

Yearly operating costs:
- $10 per year for the .dom domain renewal (subject to change by the domain registrant)

Additional operating costs:
- $65 once every 3 years to renew the trade name for the business (subject to change by the corporate registry)

I do not do any paid advertising so my customer acquisition costs are $0.

Room for Growth:

- The business has never had any price increases, so that is probably overdue.

- So far I have acquired customers organically i.e. without the use of paid advertisements, so with paid advertising there is huge room for growth.

- The "posted" office hours of this business are 9-6, Monday to Friday and closed weekends and holidays, however this business can be run working 4 – 6 hours a day, 5 days per week.

- If want to work more hours to generate more leads and sales you can, but working 4 – 6 hours is how it operates now—regardless of the hours posted.

- The business is simple to run and therefore you could outsource many of the daily activities to reserve more time for yourself, or focus more of your time on gaining more clients as opposed to day to day operations.

- There is also a current want/need from the writing community for a service I currently do not offer, which is something you could explore if you take over the business.

What's included in the sale of this business:

- A How To Manual - details how to carry out day to day operations, and also includes form letters, how to carry out paid advertisements, how to handle social media inquiries, office hours, etc.

- Top level domain name – (top level means the URL ends in .com — this is currently owned by my corporation and therefore it would transferred to you)

- The website/blog that the domain points to i.e. When you click on the .com you go to this website (I use the WordPress content management system to build the website/blog but the site is not hosted on and therefore you would have to transfer it to your own hosting account)

- Trade name (this is currently registered under my company and therefore you would have to re-register it under your own corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship)

- Current customer base – some of the services the business offers are paid in advance while others are offered on a subscription basis wherein payments come in automatically on a monthly basis, or every 21 or 30 days depending on which subscription the client is on. So you would be inheriting the prepaid customers as well as the current subscriber base along with any new clients that come on board and would be obligated to complete the services for your prepaid memberships that have already been paid for.

- All records of present and previous clients i.e. Date of order, advertising service purchased, name, email, length of promotion, etc.

- Blog Articles - I have written several original blog articles for use on the site to generate affiliate income while also serving as a valuable resource to visitors (you would have my permission to continue to use these on the blog)

- Business Mailing List (this is the list of people who have signed up for the business' mailing list)

Please note: no one can own a social media account—you can only register to use them. For example: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all owned by their respective owners and therefore anyone can use them free of charge. So although I do not "own" the social media accounts the business uses, I would turn over the usernames and passwords to the following accounts to you:

- Twitter account user information
- Facebook account user information
- Instagram account user information

The site also has a couple affiliates links i.e. When visitors click through and make a purchase on a site they found through my site, I sometimes receive a commission.

Because I own different websites/blogs, I cannot "hand over" my affiliate accounts, however you can re-route any affiliate income to yourself by signing up for free affiliate account(s) of your own and then just replace the current affiliate URLs on the website/blog with your own so you would then receive any commission(s) that come through the site.

What is not included in this business:

My existing corporation owns the above business, so the purchaser is not buying my existing corporation, only the business as detailed above.

This means that when you take over the business, you have the option to incorporate your own business, or register your own partnership or simply operate as a sole proprietorship to run the business.

I am currently open to offers. Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement also available upon request. Serious inquiries only.

Thank you!

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