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Palm Oil Expeller Manufacturer For Sale

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Revenue: $ under 100k

Cash Flow: $ 100k to 250k

Business Description

Palm Oil Expeller Manufacturer
We are supplier and manufacturer of palm oil expeller, canola oil expeller, jatropha oil expeller, oilseed expeller, screw oil expeller from China.
High Quality and Competitive Price!
Cooking oils are daily necessities used in all over the world and different types of oilseeds are grown at everywhere. Besides food purpose, palm oil and vegetable oil is also the source of bio-diesel, the new enviorenmental friendly fuel. Oil expeller section applies physical force to press and squeeze oil content from oil rich seeds. The main equipment is palm oil expeller, in which pre-treated material are spirally pushed through hardened worm-cage chamber to squeeze oil out. The assisting procedures involve seeds cleaning, crushing, softening, flaking and steam frying. The crude oil is sent to the refinery after rough filtering. The by-products of oil press are cake and soap residue. Cake could be used as animal food and soap residue is the source material for laundry soap and washing detergent. The oil content remained in cake could be managed between 6% and 9% according to working condition and seeds characteristics. This palm oil expeller is characterized by its small size, good and stable character and beautiful appearance.

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